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Comune di Firenze

The role of Comune di Firenze is to organize and coordinate Florence departments. It is devoted to ensuring the high-quality management of the Project and committed to solving any difficulties.

Among the many art towns in Italy, Florence is proud of its rather unique features: its diverse palaces, monuments and masterpieces fit in such a small area that everything is within walking distance.

No matter how spectacular it’s historical past and open-air museums, Florence has an even more fascinating point of interest. Its contemporary companies, specializing in business, fashion, theater, music make the Florence a center of cosmopolitan culture, which is so deeply cherished by tourists and visitors.

Comune di Firenze is the political and administrative center of the city. Its duties, as provided by the national legislation, include management of migration policy, social welfare, economic development, tourism, environment, education and others.

It also supports an entrepreneurship and promotes the development of strategies for the city, and has a special office, which is providing EU financial opportunities information.

UNESCO Creative City (Shanghai) Promotion Office

The role of UNESCO Creative City (Shanghai) Promotion Office is to promote the alignment of the activities with the Municipal strategies and the networking with the key stakeholders who may support the Project. They ensure a harmonious management of the whole Project. Moreover, they are committed to solving any difficulty according to the principle of friendship and mutual trust.

Founded in October 2004, UNESCO Creative Cities Network has been devoted to promoting the communication and cooperation in the growth of the creative industry, training of professional knowledge, knowledge sharing and creation of international opportunities for creative products marketing among global cities, and stimulating the economy and society via global creative industry. It has been classified among Design, Literature, Music, Folk Art, Film, Media Arts and Gastronomy. 34 cities currently have been designated as Creative Cities, and those are Berlin of Germany, Montreal of Canada, Edinburgh of UK, Lyons of France, Santa Fe of the USA, Seoul of South Korea, Melbourne of Australia, Bologna of Italy, Nagoya of Japan, etc.