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“一带一路”中意绿色领土新联盟顺利召开OBOR - Green Territories a New Alliance发布时间:2017-05-25






“一带一路”中意绿色领土新联盟顺利召开OBOR - Green Territories a New Alliance

2017-05-23 德必佛罗伦萨WE" 中意设计交流中心 中意设计交流中心



Industrial development and environmental protection are the eternal topics for modern civilization. The development of industrialization will tend to generate a series of negative impacts such as environmental pollution and waste of energy. Along with the strategy “One Belt & One Road”, proposed by Chinese government and global cooperation among different countries, more concerns regarding environmental protection have been raised.



On May 19th 2017,DoBe Group together with Municipality of Florence, University of Florence Italy, Italian National Industrial Confederation/ Ceramics & Glass and other famous institutes and commercial organizations discussed environmental topics including sustainable development, resources’ allocation, energy efficiency with help of video channels. The meeting was held in - Sino Italian Design Center - Florence Base: Villa Strozzi. The video channel was of course  remotely connected to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Center for Environmental Financial Survives of the P.R of China , the Italian Embassy Beijing, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP), , School of Architecture Tsinghua University Beijing PRC , School of Architecture Tianjing University Beijing PRC and other domestic representatives.




The achievements of resources’ utilization in China were highly affirmed by Italian Prof. Marco Sala in representation of University of Florence Chancellor. They also expressed their strong interest in Chinese increasing interest  on renewable resources and newly attention to Eco Technology by President Xi,  on recent One Belt One Road meeting in Beijing .




As the host of this event, Mr Galli, the CEO of Shanghai Florence - Sino Italian Design Center that invested and renovated by DoBe Group, made a speech to sincerely welcome guests , while Dr. Rafaelle Berni from Italian Industrial Confederation ( Confindustria) mention that “One Belt & One Road” not only works as strategy for international economic cooperation, but also stimulates the international cooperation of green energy and environmental protection.