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“一带一路”中意绿色领土新联盟OBOR - Green Territories a New Alliance发布时间:2017-05-25


“一带一路”中意绿色领土新联盟OBOR - Green Territories a New Alliance

2017-05-17 德必佛罗伦萨WE" 中意设计交流中心 中意设计交流中心


Along with the "The Belt and Road" national development strategy, our country brings the concept of eco culture, environmental protection practice and active "go global" strategy. Chinese government is trying to search foreign aid and foreign investments related to environment protection, through the "Industrial Park & Cooperation of organizations & Technology export" method to realize the possibility of ground circulation. 





   On May 18th, at 9 am to 1:30pm of Italian time (3pm to 7:30pm Beijing time), DoBe WE” will have a live conference broadcasting connection with Beijing Ministry of environmental protection office in Shanghai Florence - Sino Italian Design Exchange Center Florence Base which will hold the main topic of “Sino-Italian New Alliance of Eco Territories”.



Topic discussion includes


绿色领土新联盟 - 实现领土可持续的恢复能力

Green Territories a New Alliance - achieving territorial sustainable resilience towards a re-generation 

演讲人:Prof. Arch Fernando Recalde (Ph.D) /CEO IGD Florence Italy

佛罗伦萨大学ABITA国际绿色建筑联盟教授 ABITA UNIFI International Relations


国际环境合作组织 - 可持续发展

FECO’s contribution on International Environment Cooperation & 

Sustainable Development

演讲人:Dr. Wang Aihua


太阳能农场生态村 - 旅游与城市农业

Solar Farm Eco Village -Territorial & Urban Farming 

演讲人:Prof. Arch. Marco Sala 


ABITA / Director abita Research Center UNIFI_ Florence Italy



Trends a& Applied Research examples on Sustainable Development & Energy 

efficiency projects

演讲人:Prof. Arch. Yeao Song

清华大学建筑学院教授 Tsinghua University_School of Architecture_PRC



Innovative Trends on Web Marketing , Training and Knowledge Exchange

演讲人:Prof.Eng. Romano Fantacci

佛罗伦萨大学信息工程教授 Dep. of Information Engineering _UNIFI_Florence Italy



Brief Introduction of CECEP Green Building Industry Company & Chaoyang – 

Beijing projecT

演讲人:Dr. Lu Hai 

中国国家企业绿色建筑行业公司经理 Director _CECEP



Projects examples for Sustainable Development & Energy efficiency 


演讲人Prof. Arch. Wu Chen

Director BIAD


绿色基础设施 - 水和卫生 - 循环

Green Infrastructure _Water & Sanitation _ Circular Cycles

演讲人:Prof. Arch Eric Trevisiol

意大利佛罗伦萨绿色建筑协会高级顾问 Senior Consultant IGD Florence Italy



Planning and Design Practice of Sponge City in China

演讲人:Dr. Yang Dongdong  Lecture.


Department of landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Tianjin University



Urban Re_Habilitation Art & Creativity catalyst for Sustainable 


演讲人:Arch. Carlo Anzilotti

意大利佛罗伦萨绿色建筑协会经理 CEO IGD Florence Italy.



Three Big Opportunities in China’s Green Development

演讲人:Dr. Yuan Xiangfei

资本科技发展战略研究所 CISTDS



Renewable Technologies for Green Environments

演讲人 Dr. Angela Grassi

ETA佛罗伦萨可再生能源 ETA Florence CEO Florence Italy (or substitute)


会议总结 Conference Conclusion:


EU Eco Technology & PRC needs for Environmental Sustainable Shift


Prof. Arch Fernando Recalde (Ph.D)

Ms. Liu Yuan




DoBe WE” @Florence will support the sustainable eco design exchanges between China and Italy, and hopes that the technology and cooperation between two countries will solve the pollution and environmental problems and create a eco environment in the future.