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Green Architecture Forum in SIDECTime:2017-10-27



 2th Aug 2017




On August 2nd 2017, DoBe WE" successfully held a green-oriented event named "Eco Technology for Green Architecture, Eco Efficient Cities & Interior Design" at Shanghai Florence - Sino Italian Design Center - Florence Base that is operated by DoBe WE" together with WREC World Renewable Energy Congress, ABITA Interuniversity Research Center Florence and ETA Florence company.  The MedGreen Business Session, one of the main events during the 4th MED Green Forum International conference , hosting 30 countries and 100 speakers, it assembled top architects, environmentalists and green-life advocates in Florence, with the objective of consolidating the international platform for linking countries together this 2017 Session focusing on China via webcast.








Guests included




Prof. Arch Fernando Recalde (Ph.D), CEO of IGD firstly gave a brief introduction on meeting agenda, guests, and the intention of this event, he also expressed his gratitude to DoBe WE" for providing the amazing event venue – SIDEC.   



After that, representative of SIDEC, Dott.Corrado Galli expressed that the green industry could be largely benefited from the forum with the contribution of architects, environmentalists and green-life advocates who came here today. 



Prof. Ali Sayigh Chair of MedGreen Forum International Conference pointed out the importance of meeting Industries and linking with the productive sector who was also stressed bu Prof. Arch. Marco Sala ABITA `s Director while Mr Raffaelel Berni form theTuscan  Industrial Confederation well come all partecipnats and the 24 Eco Technology enterpises in synergies with the Event.





How to implement and exchange eco technology into practice? Representatives of European countries provided their opinions and reached an agreement, which is to complement and depend on each other on a reciprocity stand with China, in order to establish a rational mechanism for the better use of eco technology , environmental advance  among different countries. 





Dr Liu Hai Deputy Director from CECEP China Energy Conservation & Env. Protection Group introduced the development of eco technology in China to on-site guests via Internet. Though remote connection, guests were still able to receive a more comprehensive understanding of Chinse green technology and the potential opportunities for Sino-European cooperation in the future forum who was proposed to be in Beijing in the next 2 years. 

Dr. Xiangfei Yuan for Capital Deputy Director CISTDS Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy also intervene on streaming sharing his opinion and inviting the International communitty to Visit China perhaps hosting the next Green Forum in Beijing. 







SIDEC Florence base which is operated by DoBe WE" , supports the sustainable eco design exchanges between China and Italy, and hopes that the technology and cooperation between the two countries will help solve the environmental problems which China faces today and to create an eco-friendly green future.