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Just A Moment-Sino-Italian Art ExhibitionTime:2017-10-27


The present, as a point, cannot be measured as an object, so cannot be measured as an abstraction. If the past is our teacher, who gives us an experience, then the future is our examiner, so people who focus on the present are living their lives in the world of illusions. 

—— Bertrand Russel



On July 12th, Sino Italian Design Exchange Center - Florence Base (SIDEC) that operated by DoBe Group has held the opening ceremony of “Just a Moment”, the Sino-Italian art exhibition, in STROZZI villa. During the 2nd International Community Festival, “Just a Moment” provided a wider platform for Sino-Italian artists to share their inspirations and memories through artworks and to deliver the spirit of DoBe WE - integration of Eastern and Western cultures. 



The art exhibition was co-organized by DoBe WE", professors of the University of Florence, and Professor Stefano Follesa of AFF Project in Tongji University, which was supported by Florence Municipal Government and was highly commended by famous curator and art critic Mr Sergio Fintoni, and Art demo. Through this exhibition, SIDEC has successfully created an opportunity for Sino-Italian artists, scholars and professors from AFF Project to display themselves. 



It was gathered more than 50 items of amazing artworks, especially one of the media work “Four Morals ” and “ Six Phenomenons”, made by Dean of New Media Art Department, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts was noticed by Mr Sergio Fintoni. He commented that the work is using three-dimensional animation technique and creating an environment for the audience to experience the meaning of life cycle.




What worth to mention about is that audience can see the installation art “Octopus” created by Alberto Berti at the terrace of SIDEC. The work can be altered into a different state with the change of wind and gravity, has already become one of the most popular exhibitors at “Just a Moment”.



“Just A Moment” art exhibition starts from July 12th to July 17th. 

We look forward to seeing you here.




SIDEC, operated by DoBe Group, is devoted to the communication of Sino-Italian culture and promotion of Chinese industrial upgrading by implementing more creative ideas from all over the world.